Happy Monday Lovelies!
I hope you had a wonderful  week-end with your loved ones. Starting a new week in style by sharing this look. Not only do I love the design of this dress with the flowers details, but I also love this green hue which reminds me of one of many colors we see in the ocean. In another word, it was just perfect dress for a holiday in Bali. It also has a Greek goddess vibe to it.  I styled this dress with my lace-up flat shoes for a relax yet chic Grecian  look. Thanks for stopping by!
Dress: Sold out, I also like this here
Shoes: Massimo Dutti, try similar here or  here



Happy Thursday!

Traveling often and the stress caused by an emminent move are getting the best of me. I also can't seem to stop eating lately. To make things worst, I have stopped exercising. I believe in exercising often and eating right so I firmly hope to go back to my routine once the move to my new place is over.

In the photos above I was wearing a fringe skirt. Anything fringe is so hot right now among fashionistas around the globe. What I love about fringe is the movement it creates in motion. I styled my fringe skirt with these stunning Zanotti shoes. They  are a statement on their own. I don't believe I could ever get tired of these shoes. Not only they are extremely stylish but they are also comfortable. Definitely my favorite Zanotti shoes so far! 

What is your routine to stay in shape? 
Thanks for stopping by.
Top: Zara, similar here
Skirt: Zara, available here
Shoes: Zanotti, available here



Hello Lovelies!
Sharing with you my most recent purchase which is a Balmain dress.This piece is enough versatile to be dressed up with high heels or simply styled with some sneakers for a casual look. 
Talking about styling, I understand everybody is different  so is our styling. Would love to hear how you would style this piece? Thanks for stopping by!
Dress: Balmain sold out similar here 



Hello lovelies!

My family and I recently came back from Bali and I still have few looks of my holiday in Bali to share with my readers. Bare with me as it takes time to post the looks. 

Lounging at the WHotel Bali wearing this beautiful baroque print gown got me feeling good! I love this baroque print and the softness of the fabric on my skin made it was very pleasant to wear. It  was just the perfect resort gown. I actually bought this dress in Bali. If you love shopping, there now is in Kuta beach Bali  a new  modern mall which wasn't there the first time I went to Bali about four years ago.

 The vibe at the W Bali was excellent! Our stay at the W was so much fun that I didn't want to leave. But who knows? I may go back to Bali again in the future. We never know! Life has taught me a lesson: Never say never! 
In one of my previous posts I told you that it was my fourth time in Bali. However I didn't tell you that I had no idea my life will turn out the way it did. Though, I do not dislike wandering in Southeast Asia, it was never my plan when I was a student. if you asked me many years ago if I think I'll visit Bali I would have replied NO.  To many (including myself back then) Bali would just be  a dream. However, Life is unpredictable and we never know what is going to happen one hundred percent! Knowing this fact should help us to stay humble as much as possible and to treat everybody who treats us well even better. Try to enjoy every moment to the fullest and get ride of anything or anyone who  brings us down. Keep your heels high but your standards higher. 

It is important that we live life to the fullest and to enjoy every moment, big or small. Celebrate every step or milestone and most importantly keep our dreams alive. Step by step, one by one, you may realize those dreams with hard work and determination. 
Thanks for reading!

Dress; Mango or similar here in plain fabric
Shoes: Louboutin
Bracelet: Cartier



Hello lovelies !
Today's post is about my new sneakers. These are my first sneakers in years. It only makes sense when I say I am not a sneaker girl, however I totally fell in love with these Dior sneakers. They are comfortable and stylish as well! These sneakers are made with technical fabric and embroidery. The design is perfection! And it sure feels good when you don't have to sacrifice the style for comfort!
Thank you for stopping by!

Nine West, sold out
Jeans: Zara, sold out. Get similar here
Sneakers: Dior, here




Hello Lovelies!

Sharing with you some photos of my day at Christian Dior. It was a fun day at Dior. But how could it not be fun when you are invited to view the new collection Winter'15 and you end up playing dress-up? I loved trying on all these gorgeous couture dresses. However it is the Dior fusion that caught my attention the most. I couldn't resist but coming home with the fusion!

 I remember that Dior was one of my very first luxury buys many years ago when I was studying and working  in Paris. My first paycheck went to Dior at Avenue Montaigne where I bought the saddle bag. I do not wear the saddle bag anymore however I still have it with me until now because of the special value it has for me. It was my first bag that I purchased all by myself. You know that feeling when you start to work and you buy yourself buy something? yes, there is that little pride there! It is not a material thing anymore, it is something meaningful because it has emotional value!

However over the years, I  lost a bit of interest but I'm glad to say that I'm definitely falling all over again  in love with  Dior.  The label has recently launched many sought after pieces such as the Diorama, the bestsellers DiroSoReal (sunglasses) and the Lady Dior is always a classic. To top it all of,  the Dior ad featuring Rihanna is just amazing! All this to say that every women fashionista needs a Dior in her life! Do you have anything in your closet that has emotional value? Thanks for reading!