Hello Everyone!
How is your week going so far? Mine is going well and I'm looking forward to a fun week-end as well! I found these cute white jeans at Topshop and instantly fell in love! This high-waisted stretch jeans with rip knee detail got me feeling good. Yeah, Beyonce is not the only Topshop fan. I love Topshop as well but honestly I don't have too many options available here.. Ok, let me just say out loud what many expats have been saying all these years: shopping in Kuala Lumpur is boring. Malaysia is known for its beautiful beaches but surely not for shopping, at least not yet.  Stores like Topshop offer good designs at raisonable price and the quality is relatively good. I love and have high end designers clothes and bags but I can't afford to buy high end designers everyday. Topshop is one of the very few options available here to always stay fabulous at raisonable price. 
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Jean: Topshop, available here
Top: Nine West
Shoes: Valentino
Bracelet: Oroton
Necklace: Oroton
Sunglasses: can't remember where I bought these
Bag: Yves Saint Laurent



Hello Everyone!
I hope you have a lovely week-end! Here to a new week with a new post on the blog. I feel like I still have so much to accomplish but somehow I'm lacking a much needed concentration. All I can think about these days is a getaway to somewhere by the beach. I can't wait!
The red jumpsuit that I'm wearing in this post is just lovely and I sure feel elegant wearing it!  I love not only the color but the design as well.  I really wanted to add a belt which I did so needless to say that there were so many options as how to style it! Which shoes do you like better with this look? The pointy shoes or the neutral ankle strap shoes in the last photo?
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Jumpsuit: Zara, available here
Shoes: Louboutin
Bag: DVF
Bracelet: Hermes & Ferragamo
Hat: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Sunglasses: Prada





Have I already told you that I have respect for bloggers? Yes, I do because blogging isn't as easy as it looks. There are many challenges involved in wearing beautiful clothes and taking pictures like some people often say or think. But unless you get into blogging, you will never know! 
In this post, I pair a floral embroidered top with a floral jacquard skirt. This look really makes me feel like a lady. It is just classic and romantic. The heart shaped clutch not only adds a soft feminine touch to the look but it also delivers a message.

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Top & Skirt: Topshop
Shoe: Charlotte Olympia
Bag: Kate Spade




How is your week-end going? I hope well! This is a late post about a look that you may have already seen on Facebook or Instagram. This look was purely about splashing colors. 
What else can I say? It was one of those days that you wake up feeling like you want to paint everything in bright colors. Colors affect our mood and from time to time, I crave vibrant colors as they make me happy. These two colors are bold. I guess I'm a type of person who is not afraid of colors. 
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Blazer: Zara
Jumpsuit: Topshop
Sunglasses: Lespecs
Shoes: DVF
Bag: Chanel
Belt: Moschino





Hello Everyone!

 I saw this dress and it reminds me of Italy, from the olives trees  to the statues. The print and the color palette remind me of the Mediterranean lifestyle  You know the sea, sun, the food, and of course relaxation. Oh, is it the dress which by the way is designed and produced in LA? or I sound more like someone who is missing Italy? Does the olives print on the dress have something to do with it?
 Ok, I admit that I'm missing Italy and the mediterranean lifestyle but in the other hand, I love the tropical weather SouthEast Asia has to offer as well. I can't wait to wear this dress during our next trip in this region, hopefully somewhere by the beach.  For now, I style it with high heels and an orange Celine bag.
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Dress: Clover Canyon
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia & Schutz
Earrings: Nasty gal
Bag: Celine